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Dexter is an independent school for ages 8+ on a mission to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and change agents.

Rethink education

Why Dexter?

Dexter applies a research based model of education that engages learners innate love of learning. This approach leads to the development of a powerful cognitive toolkit designed to help learners thrive in the rapidly changing digital age.

  • Healthy environment for social and emotional development.
  • A comprehensive mastery based curriculum for the digital age.
  • Modern learning spaces that inspire and empower learners.
  • Personalized experience and small group direct instruction.
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"This is the first time I've been to school and not had to lie about enjoying it."

- Happy Student

A modern education system

How Dexter Works.

After an on-boarding assessment each student is given a personalized curriculum path and placed in a subject cohort for small group direct instruction.

Students develop communication skills by engaging in peer groups, clubs and subject cohorts throughout the school day.

From daily outside breaks to activities like yoga, Dexter students spend less time on screens than their public school counterparts.

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