• Empower and inspire.

      Dexter is a revolutionary school system in Wichita Falls, TX empowering the next generation of engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and change agents.

    • Rethink Schooling

      Dexter is a revolutionary school system designed for the realities of the modern age.

      Mastery-Based Learning

      Unlike traditional schools dominated by time progression, students at Dexter progress based on mastery. We don't teach memorization for tests, instead intuition and mastery for life.

      One to One Instruction

      Dexter is a social learning environment that's less about formal lectures and more about small group instruction. Each student has a dedicated learning coach that mentors and supports them.

      Transformative Environment

      Dexter is an awe inspiring learning environment where students have norma access to special equipment and experiences. Think of Dexter spaces like high tech Montessori environments!

      Active Learning

      From making presentations to building projects, students engage in hands-on and project based learning. This active learning leads to more social development and less screen time than traditional schooling.

    • Full-time

      January 2020 cohort applications open November 15th. $495 per month.


      Open enrollment. $125 per month, no contracts.

    • Become a Part-time Member!

      Super charge your child's learning with our after-school program. Access to Dexter online + physical access two days per week (Monday through Friday, from 3-6PM). Open to ages 8+.

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