• High Powered Learning For All 🧠 🌏

      Dexter brings together innovative learning spaces, a digital platform and an interdisciplinary curriculum that encourages active and self directed learning.

    • Prepare Your Child for the Digital Age

      The aim of Dexter is to prepare your child for the future by increasing their digital literacy. In the process they grow individual autonomy and personal responsibility through a carefully planned physical learning environment, active curriculum and engaging game mechanics.

    • Transformative Curriculum

      The Dexter curriculum is designed to prepare learners for the digital age and transform them from consumers to producers. It's intersectional and cross disciplinary by design. Towards the goal of digital literacy, members engage in curriculum at the intersection of subjects like mathematics, art and coding. Click the green button to try creating art with code!

      Process Based Understanding

      Learners don't memorize facts or cram for exams, instead they develop intuition and understanding through process based understanding. Traditionally boring subjects come alive with simulations and project based learning. Try this explorable explanation by clicking 'Systems'.

      Digital Literacy

      Skills like computer programming and mathematics aren't individual subjects, but instead fluencies used to explore all areas of human knowledge. Here's an example of that in practice around a philosophical concept, Plato's Allegory of the Cave.


      Fostering Community

      Community is one of our core values. We provide scholarships to approximately 1/3 of our members to foster an inclusive environment regardless of socio-economic background. Through partnerships with organizations like Cafe Con Leche, Dexter reaches thousands of local learners.



      "Dexter is an amazing addition to Wichita Falls! My son loves Dexter and learns so much more than I could ever teach him at home! Bravo 👏🏻 Dexter Staff!"

      - Jennifer T.


    • Membership Plans

      Monday - Saturday, 8am - 7pm, maximum visit of two hours per day. Family pricing available.


      2 hours per week



      6 hours per week



      Unlimited Hours


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