• Lesson Plan

      Learn by doing with hands on projects and challenges facilitated by a Dexter learning coach.

      01: Algorithms

      Welcome to Coding Foundations. Meet your instructor, Michael Olaya who holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Physics, and dive right into learning about algorithms with dance. You'll create artwork with code and wrap up with a difficult challenge!

      02: Computers as a Medium

      Learn the history of mediums and why computers are unique. We'll walk you through how to create a story with Scratch. Your project will be to create an original story in Scratch that tells the history of the different mediums.

      03: The Art of Game Design

      What makes a good game and how can we implement one in Scratch? We'll walk through how to create a two player cat/mouse game. Your project will be to create your own video game.

      04: Understanding Artificial Intelligence

      It's alive! You'll learn how to create your own artificially intelligent program using real data. In the process, you'll learn about the unreasonable effectiveness of data!

      05: Final Project

      You're ready to create something original. From a video game to an interactive story, you'll be given the freedom to create a final project that you love.