• Welcome to Dexter

      A brief introduction

    • A New Approach to Education

      At Dexter we believe that the human mind is not a vessel to be filled with information, but a fire to be kindled. It's our goal to spark your flame and provide you with the skills, mental models and experiences necessary to reach your full potential. We utilize an approach called Project Based Learning and a curriculum developed by real practitioners (engineers, scientists, graphic designers, etc.). You'll develop competencies, not just accumulate information.

      What is Project Based Learning?

      Project Based Learning integrates knowing and doing. Students learn knowledge and elements of the core curriculum, but also apply what they know to solve authentic problems and produce results that matter. PBL students take advantage of digital tools to produce high quality, collaborative products. PBL refocuses education on the student, not the curriculum—a shift mandated by the global world, which rewards intangible assets such as drive, passion, creativity, empathy, and resiliency. These cannot be taught out of a textbook, but must be activated through experience.


    • What if you were capable of more than you could possibly imagine?

    • Three Keys to Success

      A roadmap to insure a succesful Dexter experience


      Do More

      When in doubt, do more. The most difficult part of any endeavor is going from 0 to 1.


      Critical Feedback

      It's time to get comfortable giving and receiving constructive feedback about how to improve. Creating an environment that uses logic and evidence is foundational for a healthy mental framework.



      While it's important to prepare them for the future, we can't neglect the present moment. We all have an innate human desire to do things that matter. Create experiences and projects that have real life impact and meaning.

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      Parental Consent Form
      I, the undersigned, acknowledge that, as with all activities, there are some inherent risks of minor injury or accidents while participating in our courses. As such, in consideration of my child’s participation, on behalf of my self and/or my child, hereby release, discharge, covenant not to sue, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Dexter Learning Company, employees, other participants, and the owners and lessors of the premises on which activities take place from any and all liability, claims, and causes of action arising out of or related to any loss or injury, that may be sustained by myself or my child, whether caused by the negligence or otherwise while participating in such activities, or while in, or upon the premises where the activity is being conducted. Dexter Learning is not licensed by the State of Texas
      Medical Care
      I, the undersigned, further give my permission for any emergency medical care or treatment by a physician, surgeon, hospital, or medical care facility that may be required, including transportation, and accept responsibility for the cost. I have read and understand the statement contained above and intend for others to rely on this representation. 
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