• Coding Foundations

    Get a head start on the future and learn the basics of computer programming. Ages 8+

  • Everyone should know how to program a computer, because it teachers you how to think.

    - Steve Jobs

  • Overview

    Learn the basics of computer programing through project based learning.

    Week 1: Dancing Algorithms

    Learn the ins and outs of algorithms with dance.

    Week 2: Creating Art with Code

    Use code to create incredible algorithmic art.

    Week 3: Creating an Interactive Diagram

    Create an entirely new type of data visualization.

    Week 4: Building an Artificial Intelligence

    We'll use data and equations to build an AI in Scratch!

  • In only a week's time the team at Dexter had him totally engaged and showing confidence in learning that we have never seen.

    - Brandon Townley

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